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Special Events
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Special Events
2nd Annual DDH University was a hit!

Detroit Door and Hardware Company has successfully completed its first annual summer semester of "DDH University" at the corporate branch in Madison Heights, MI. DDH University was designed to educate everyone involved in the building world on the latest technologies and codes required for a safe built environment. From the architect to the installer, all areas of the spectrum came together to learn how to better our community with things like security and life safety. DDH University gave an opportunity to expand on specific areas relating to doors and door hardware, allowing for its participants to sign up for what best suited their learning needs. The turnout for this year was phenomenal and we are in the process of setting up a spring semester as quickly as possible. We plan to kick off our next term in the later part of February. If you missed out on the past semester, are interested in some of the classes we are offering for the next one, or have suggestions for the future, please contact Sue Wilt via telephone 248.398.1200 or e-mail her at swilt@mcdoorgroup.com. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to seeing you here next term!
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