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Introducing the M&I Re-Coil-Away Door

Detroit Door sells, installs, and services the M&I Re-Coil-Away Door, manufactured by Albany International. Detroit Door is the top Albany Rapid Roll distributor in the United States, and we are excited about our progress with the M&I Re-Coil-Away door. Now we can provide a high speed door for any application, from clean rooms to coal mines.

"We dare you to break this door!"
With a 1/4” styrene butadiene rubber curtain, and all heavy duty parts, the Re-Coil-Away is perfect for tough environments where doors take many kinds of abuse (high windloads, pressure, temperature extremes or aggressive fork-lift drivers). That makes it a perfect application for the automotive industry and its suppliers, as well as other heavy industry.


Features of the M&I Re-Coil-Away Door  


  • Toughness:
    Patented curtain wind lock and guide system designed to withstand impacts.
  • Speed:
    The door operates at twice the speed of conventional doors.
  • Resiliency:
    Door opens and closes easily in negative pressure and windload conditions.
  • Break-Away Capability:
    The curtain breaks away on impact and resets easily, reducing downtime.
  • Saves Energy:
    Perfect for interior or exterior applications where heat loss is a concern.

E-mail Sue Wilt or contact her at (248) 398-1200 for more information about this exciting new door, and other developments in the door and material handling industry designed to make life easier for our customers in the automotive and industrial segment.

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