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Fire Door Inspection
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Fire Door Inspection Program

Helping Keep Metro Detroit Safe Since 1952

The National Fire Protection Association code (NFPA 80 15-2.4.3) which relates to rolling and sliding fire doors reads as follows: All horizontal or vertical fire doors shall be inspected and tested annually to check for proper operation and full closure. Resetting of the release mechanism shall be done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. A written record shall be maintained and be made available to the authority having jurisdiction.

Fire Code Update

Detroit Door & Hardware Company offers drop testing and repair for your rolling steel fire doors. As required by NFPA 80, we provide a verification of fire door operation form which is kept both at our location and yours. In addition, we provide a tag which is affixed to the inspected door as a visual reminder for both the facility owner and the fire official. (See Illustration)

DDH Fire Tag

Look for the yellow tag! The Detroit Door fire door tag is attached onto all new installations and after drop-tests and/or repairs of rolling steel fire doors. This tag is highly visible and helps both the local fire marshal and the facility manager to assure the doors are in compliance with NFPA 80.

Complimentary Reminder Service!

Detroit Door offers a reminder service for our customers with rolling steel fire doors. When we verify your doors as operational and issue your documentation, a copy of the verification form is filed at our location. Ten months after the test, a Detroit Door representative will call to remind you that soon your doors will need their annual test, and to set up an appointment for our service crew. This gives busy facility managers one less thing to worry about. This free service is yet another reason why Detroit Door is "More Than Just A Door Company". Call us at (248) 398-1200 or Email Us to set up your annual drop test today!

Educational Seminars

When we first developed the tag about 5 years ago, we began contacting area fire marshals and building managers to inform them of this new service. We soon found that many people either were not aware that the code existed, or were unsure how to stay in compliance. When this was discovered, we felt compelled to help raise awareness of the safety issues in regards to fire doors. Various seminars have been developed for this purpose, designed for fire officials and end-users. The seminar titled: "Fire Codes as They Relate to Rolling and Swinging Fire Doors" has been successfully held on 7 occasions. Highlights included:

  • What is NFPA 80?
  • What is NFPA 105?
  • How are fire ratings determined?
  • How do rolling doors differ from rolling service doors?
  • ...and much more.

DDH Educational Series Continues:
"The Basics of Rolling and Swinging Fire Doors" Seminar

Recently, architects and fire officials from Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties were invited to attend the latest Detroit Door seminar: “The Basics of Rolling and Swinging Fire Doors.” The featured speakers for this program were Ross Scafidi of Overhead Door Corporation and Chuck Westman of ESSEX Industries. Ross's experience spans more than 28 years in the door industry with 18 years in overhead coiling doors. Knowledgeable in fire codes as they relate to overhead doors, Ross is involved in training distributors and users of Overhead Door's products. Chuck has 22 years of experience in the commercial door and hardware industry. His many responsibilities include preparation of specifications for design professionals. Our knowledgeable speakers shared their expertise with our guests as many topics were discussed. Some of these included:

  • Review of basic fire related assembly components
  • Industry developments in rolling steel fire doors
  • On-site shop labeling and fabricating capability
  • How do rolling fire doors differ from rolling service doors?
  • NFPA 80 in regard to drop testing of rolling doors
  • U.L. Listings for door, frame and hardware components in a fire rated assembly
  • Limitations for glazed fire rated assemblies
  • Fire tests
  • Common violations
  • Rolling door testing procedures
  • Release device features, functions
  • Introduction of the Detroit Door & Hardware Co. Test & Tag Program
  • Introduction to Positive Pressure in Fire Testing Compliance (required in IBC 2000-Michigan)
Email Sue Wilt or contact him at (248) 398-1200 for more information.
A Fire Door Demonstration


The Fire Minuteman Makes Resetting Easy!

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 Contact Sue Wilt or
call him at (248) 398-1200 for information on our continuing education programs.
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