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Automated Entrance Door Systems
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Automated Entrance Door Systems

DDH specializes in automated entrance doors and controls for retail, healthcare, schools and many other facilities which require automatic accessibility. Our expert sales and service team can help you keep your facility ADA compliant and accessible for the users of your building. We offer a preventive maintenance program for automated door systems, including regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs for these high-cycle doors. Below is a list of automated entrance door systems manufactures that we carry.

 Click here to go to Horton Automatics   Click here to go Horton AutomaticsHorton Automatics
Horton Automatics brings convenient access to all types of commercial, industrial, and institutional locations. Their doors meet or exceed the exit door requirements for every major code in the United States, as well as providing compliance for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Metro-Dade (consult factory for wind load design requirements). Every automatic entrance manufactured is treated as a special custom order while still providing the fastest delivery time in the market today.

Click here to go DORMA   Click here to go DORMADORMA
A leader in the commercial openings market, DORMA Group North America is part of the DORMA Group-an international manufacturing powerhouse and one of the world's leading suppliers of automatic door systems, controls and components.

Click here to go Gildor, Inc   Click here to go Gildor, IncGildor
With Gildor's standard of excellence and the heavy-duty SLM drive, we can take a standard package and build it custom size with ease.

Click here to go Boon Edam   Click here to go Boon EdamBoon Edam
We deliver a broad range of innovative, high-quality products and services that meet our clients’ needs for efficiency, security and aesthetic design. All round the world. Years of experience meeting a wide variety of demands allow us to combine our expertise with your professionalism, providing precisely the solutions you seek.

Click here to go B.E.A.   Click here to go B.E.A.B.E.A.
B.E.A. offers safe, reliable and energy efficient sensor solutions that perfectly suit your automatic doors, elevators and people counting needs.

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